How to shore fish is a resource for those of us that I’ll call boat less anglers. Many people will tell you that boat less anglers will not catch as many fish or as big a fish as anglers do from a boat. This site is a testament to the resourcefulness of those who shore fish. This site will show you that the angler shore fishing can catch just as many and possibly bigger fish than those from a boat.

Have you ever seen the boaters anchored just off shore casting to the shore line? Why do you think they do that? And the shore angler tries to cast out as far as he can. That’s because at one point or another, most fish are close to shore. Fish relate to the shoreline – it provides a guide for them in their travels. And a lot of food enters the water from the shore line and the fish line up to take advantage of all these features.

How to shore fish will show you the ins and outs of fishing from shore, whether you’re new to it or have been doing it for a long time. Informative articles and videos will teach you new methods to target fish from shore, and to show you other people who are successful at shore fishing.

So please visit us often as we get this site up and going.